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Resources /Articles

Do an internet search.  You will find many resources available to you regarding anxiety, stress, and treatment.   There are several sites you may go to that will guide you in this process.  One of the largest sites for articles related to medical issues is pub med.  There you will find numerous peer-reviewed articles that address issues related to stress and other anxiety disorders.

Two sites I highly recommend relate to biofeedback and neurofeedback.  You will find all kinds of resources at these sites that will be of benefit: which is linked to the International Society of Neuronal Regulation.  And which is the website for the Association of Applied Psychophysiology and Biofeedback.  Both are highly regarded organizations, science-based in their focus.  Both publish peer-reviewed journals and research on the efficacies of various methodologies of bio and neurofeedback.

I have two websites that you may find of interest and have resources for you and detailed explanation regarding treatment for not only anxiety but other disorders that are treatable with Neurotherapy.  On these sites are clear explanations.of the methodology of biofeedback and an explanation of its efficacy: and

Of course, you can call our office, 847 298-6446, to ask any questions you may have regarding our treatment.  We would be happy to answer them. We provide a free initial consultation.  During our meeting will discuss your stress issues and offer some guidance regarding options that may be available.  This is not a substitute for an assessment but our initial consult may engender some hope that there are possibilities for a resolution of some of the stressors that you may be experiencing.

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