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My Approach

Do you see that picture above?  How does it make you feel? Serene, peaceful I hope.  Would be that life was that serene.  But not always.  We have moments of stress, anxiety, worrisomeness and at times we feel overwhelmed.  Look at what the coronavirus has done to all of us and how it affects our lives and yet the probabilities are for most of us we will never fall victim to it.  What we fall victim to is the threat and the fear that threat engenders in each of us. Our lives are turned upside down by the events that are occurring around us. I am not saying this to make you feel bad but rather to help you see that there is hope.  However, we still become overcome by events.  I am here to give you a sense of hope, to help you gain serenity that picture above is meant to give.  

So what do we do that is different?   First of all we want to give you the hope that you need through the tools we possess.  What are these tools?  We possess eclectic strategies that can help you address the specifics of your issues.  This is not a cookie-cutter approach.  Assessment is an important component of what we do whether we use traditional psychological assessments, neurobehavioral tests or other measures of neurological functioning that can identify the components that are linked to stress and anxiety whether external or internal.  We then invoke the strategy that will be specific to your needs. Maybe that strategy is just talk and counseling.  Maybe relaxation therapy. Or other approaches that we will discuss in a moment that have known efficacy in treating anxiety. Our experience tells us these strategies work!

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