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Post Traumatic Stress

Post traumatic stress doesn’t need to take over your life

If you are suffering from post traumatic stress or other stress disorders, then you know how important it is that you receive proper stress management skills. Without these, your stress can begin to take over your life. The good news for you if you are dealing with post traumatic stress is that we can help you with proven stress management techniques that will enable you to take back control of your life.
With over thirty years of experience treating stress disorders, Joseph N. O'Donnell, PhD, has developed a set of techniques that have already helped many with stress management. As a Marine veteran, he has a unique insight into the needs of veterans who are suffering from post traumatic stress disorder or other stress-related disorders as a result of military service. He has also worked on a woman’s program specifically dealing with post traumatic stress disorder at Woodland Hospital (Alexian Brothers). With his experience, Joseph has the knowledge of specific stress management treatments that have proven to be successful with many others before.
If you are suffering from post traumatic stress, then you may be dealing with a number of other issues that are comorbid with that disorder. These include anxiety as well as addictive behaviors. Our treatments take a holistic approach to this disorder and not only treat the symptoms of stress but also of addiction. If you feel that you are losing control over your life because of post traumatic stress, schedule an appointment with us so that you can start working on taking back that control today.

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