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How Anger Affects Family Dynamics

The effect of anger in families is usually apparent in the way that members relate with one another. Our earliest experiences communicating and relating to others occurs within the family, and relational patterns that include angry outbursts and/or behaviors are likely to reappear in later relationships outside the family.

Dr. Joseph N. O’Donnell brings with him years of expertise in developing effective treatment plans for those with anger issues. When you feel anger rising, consider some helpful ways to keep it in check such as:

  • Pause for 10 seconds. Choose an attitude of calm curiosity that will allow you to respond respectfully.

  • Keep the lines of communication open. When you feel resentment building, journal your feelings and then share your thoughts with a trusted loved one.

  • Establish firm boundaries. Reduce the amount of time spent with those whose anger is expressed in unhealthy ways.

  • Cultivate and nourish relationships with people who treat you with respect even when they are angry.

  • Call for an appointment with a therapist when you need help establishing healthy, respectful patterns in your relationships with others.

Some people with anger issues feel shame and guilt about it. There may be times when a friend or loved one may feel the need to intervene. If so, it is critical to take advantage family counseling professionals who are trained to help find useful ideas for changing an individual’s (or a family’s) ways of expressing anger.

At the office of Dr. Joseph N. O’Donnell, we understand how anger can destroy relationships and take a toll on the individual. That’s why we will work with you — listening to your concerns, customizing treatments, and providing compassionate care to help target the causes of your anger. Our goal is to enable you to develop alternative strategies to help resolve conflicts that you encounter. For more information, give us a call today.

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